Monday, June 6, 2016

Salisbury Middel School Proposed Activity/Club Day School Year 2016-2017


During the upcoming school year 2016-2017, there is a proposed Wednesday afternoon activity day, where every other Wednesday afternoon, students(you) will be able to attend clubs or activities that you have choosen and signed up for.  Students will be able to attend these activities IF they are caught up on their homework.  Students that are missing work will be given the opportunity to make up their work during these periods.  The goal here is: DO YOUR HOMEWORK SO THAT YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE CLUB OR ACTIVITY OF YOUR CHOICE!!!  This short survey is to ask you a couple questions.  Please answer completely as your opinion is needed to help plan this cool new event at SMS! 

 Click on the link below
Student Survey

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Innovators 6/7/8 Summer Nature Connection Assignments for June, July and August

The summer months provide a great opportunity for relaxation, recharge and growth both mentally and physically.  It is also a great time to get outside and enjoy the beauty that is all around us in the form of nature.  Go out and experience the natural world, you may just enjoy it!!  Your Nature Connection book is your ticket to helping you discover the "great outdoors" whether you are vacationing, visiting relatives or just hanging out at home.  Use the summer months' (June, July and August) chapters to guide you towards your exploration.  The assignments that are posted below are to be completed and they will be brought to class on the first day of school.

To our new students, welcome to the Innovators, this book which can be purchased locally at Barnes & Nobel or on-line is a nature notebook that we use throughout the three years as being an Innovator.  The inclusion of nature education within the curriculum is essential to our understanding and appreciate for the world around us.  The assignments are given out at the beginning of each month and turned in (book and any additional papers or projects) at the end of each month.  These grades account for a percentage of the student's overall marking term grade.   

Nature Connection Assignments 

  • My Nature Notes pg 169 (2 a week for a total of 8 per month)
  • Picture of the Month  pg 171 
  • The Summer Solstice pg 172-173 (Read for understanding)
  • Trees:Nature's Air Filter pg 176-177 (Read for understanding)
  • Bugs Are a Big Deal pg 178-179 (Read for understanding)
  • June Drawings You Can Do pg 180-181
  • Feathering their Nests pg 182-183 (make some observations)
  • My Nature Notes pg 185 (2 a week for a total of 8 per month)
  • Go on a Nature Quest pg 186
  • Picture of the Month pg 187
  • Drawing Your Landscape pg 190-191
  • What's a Butterfly?  What's a Moth? pg 192-193
  • How Does your Garden Grow? pg 194-195
  • More Fun in the Garden pg 196-197 

  • My Nature Notes pg 203 (2 a week for a total of 8 per month)
  • Picture of the Month pg 205
  • Water, Water Everywhere pg 206-207 (read for understanding)
  • Wondering about Water Creatures pg 210-211
  • Search for Water pg 212
  • How Do you Use Water? pg 213
  • Ocean Edges are Important pg 214-215 (Read for Understanding)
  • Keep a Vacation Journal pg 216-217
  • Sleeping under the Stars pg 218-219 (read and self-observe)

 For those students that are returning, if you have completed some of these assignments in the past, insert a blank sheet of paper to record, draw or complete your assignments.  

Use this link to go to the book's website to print additional Nature Connection sheets as needed.

The Nature Connection : An outdoor workbook  

An interesting perspective about the importance of outdoor education.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Salisbury Middle School's Proposed "Activity Day"

As we look to the upcoming school year, one of the proposals that was discussed at ILT was the implementation of a Wednesday afternoon "activity day".  The proposed plan for this activity day focuses giving all students the opportunity to participate in bi-weekly interest based activities during the periods of 7-8.  Students will sign up for quarterly activities and attend based on their ability to complete their class and homework assignments.  Students that are not succeeding in these areas will be identified by their team of teachers and sent to "homework rooms" to catch up on their assignments, or students can sign themselves up.  If students are successful they can attend the following activity day.  This is not punitive, it is restorative in practice.  The goal is to give students the chance to understand the importance of doing their work and be rewarded both in better grades and participation in interesting activities.  This is only a brief synopsis, much planning and answers to many questions will need to be addressed before we can implement this project (October 2016).  Mrs. Eskridge and Mrs. Gosnell both support this endeavor and want to see it work for our student body.  Attached is a short survey that we would like you to take.  Please feel free to ask additional questions as we will discuss this at an upcoming meeting.  Thanks you for your time and support.  Please indicate if you are interested in planning for this activity as there are monies available to do this over the summer months.

Wednesday Afternoon Activity Period Survey

Monday, May 23, 2016

Innovators 6/7/8 Designing the pizza garden

With all the set backs this spring with the poor weather, and the days and days of testing, we are finally ready to begin our planting of the gardens.  Numerous plants are ready for transplanting from the greenhouse and other will be picked up from the local plant supplier.  One of the unique gardens that we have is our pizza garden.  This garden is to be planted based on items that one would place as toppings on a pizza.  The problem before you is this...  The pizza garden is 10 feet in diameter and we are to plant "six slices" of our pizza garden with the following items; tomatoes, onions, peppers, basil, oregano and cilantro.  Calculate the size of each pie piece and the number of plants that each piece should be planted with (you will need to look up the spacing for the each type of plant).  Diagram it out but post your calculations on the blog  

Innovators/8 Capstone Project Presentation Dates

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, it is now time to lock in the dates for your capstone project presentation.  This event will require your team to present your project from conception to completion.  If you designed a product (invention, device etc.) you must have a physical model/prototype to present to the class.  If you have gone the route of experimentation, you must present your findings based on your hypotheses.  On this post you will lock in your date to present.  Presentations begin on Wednesday June 1st, with a maximum of three presentations a day.

Presentation Rubric

Capstone Project Board Template

Model Rubric


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Innovators/7 Dissection Anatomy, Physiology and Evolution

Our final "official unit for the unit looks at the comparative anatomy and physiology of different classes of animals.  Through dissection, we will be able to look at the evolutionary progress and process that helped Charles Darwin to develop his famous Theory of Evolution.  Although our studies is limited to five diverse organisms (clam, starfish, earthworm, crayfish, frog and perch).  Though this comparative assessment, you should be able to appreciate the various adaptations and advancements that are pervasive throughout the animal kingdom.  Who knows this may be your first stop towards a career in medicine.

Comparative Anatomy, Physiology and Evolutionary Playlist  

Friday, May 6, 2016

Innovators/6 New clues found in crater that was the result of the impact that killed the dinosaurs...

One of our recent posts looked at the the recent launch of a scientific mission to study the impact crater in the Gulf of Mexico that  is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago.  Scientists have now gather data and found out some interesting information about he impact and the possible aftermath of this mega disaster.  Click on the link below and read the most current information that has been presented about this endeavor.  Discuss the goals of the research and what new information and possible conclusions scientists and paleontologist are suggesting about the end days of the dinosaurs.

Geologists find clues in crater left by dinosaur killing asteroid