Wednesday, January 28, 2015

STEM/8 There goes my hero...

Energy comes in many different forms, from thermal and mechanical to chemical and electromagnetic and others in between, energy is everywhere.  So it seems only right that when designing a new superhero, they pull their power from one of these forms of energy.  You as the designer, must develop an origins story for your alter ego (super hero).  Your science fiction story must have a basis in the real scientific world and for it to be valid.  And what is a super hero without it nemesis? Your story must also include the nemesis and an epic battle!  You will also create an illustration of your main characters to show your audience who thy exactly are.  Use the link to Hero Machine below to aid in this task.  Remember the story must be well written, who knows it could be the next superhero movie!!!


STEM/7 The anatomy of a pandemic

The need to keep our good friends from getting sick has allowed us to look at various methods and practices that can be implemented to help the lower the risk of infection.  Through continual practice, a great level of success can be achieved.  However in the case of an epidemic or better yet a pandemic, the number of people that become or who are infected is greatly increased and are found to over a larger geographical region than a local outbreak.  The great flue of 1918 was one such pandemic that spread throughout the world and claimed over 40 million lives.  This was far more lives lost to the virus that those who lost their life during World War I.  Since then there has been four pandemics that have affect various regions of the world.  However with the shrinking of the world due to the ease of travel, the next pandemic may be right around the corner.  What are some of the procedures and action s that global health organizations such as the CDC and the WHO do in the event of a pandemic.  You now have the opportunity to play the game The Great Flu.  In this game you will be challenged to locate, and prevent the spread of the virus.   As you play the various stages of the game, pay attention to your actions and discuss the cause and effect nature of those actions.  you may also want to discuss the complexity that we face as a global marketplace.

The Great Flu Game

Friday, January 9, 2015

STEM/7 All "Body" Systems Go! How the body reacts to being sick.

How do different systems within the body handle illness from a virus or bacterial infection?  Your team needs to design a working model of a chosen body system to demonstrate how that system functions normally and how it reacts to infection.  Include the following in your model:
  • A brief description of the body system and the key organs.
  • Labeled organs
  • Working components that represent the various organs of the system being modeled.
  • A healthy and infected stage of the system being modeled.
  • A description of the infection affecting the body system.
  • Model should be able to be handled and demonstrated numerous times to educate the student body/general public.
  • Model cannot be made of food material.
  • Use creativity to develop a unique model.

Innovators 6/Name the geologic time period. Predictions fo rthe next time period

After the great extinction, life on planet Earth once again began to flourish and change due to the changing climate and movement of the continents.  The movement of organisms onto land was in fact aided by the atmospheric changes that made land dwelling feasible.  The plants began to evolve into large conifers that resemble the evergreen forests of today.  Their cones were adaptations to living in an environment that was not adjacent to a water source.  This allowed for other none plants to begin to inhabit these moist, dense forests.  The variation on animals present on land were adapting as fast as the environment.  The struggle for survival allowed these organisms to move beyond their water dependency.  Amphibians were the first of these land creatures to complete this feat.  Even though they still relied on water for reproduction, the majority of their life was beyond it.  Insects too were beginning to proliferate the current age.  Insects the size of what we have never seen before we living in these evergreen forests, mashes and swamps.  In the oceans, large sharks (Megalodon) the size of school buses were the top predators of the vastly changing seas. The number of different species were beginning  to surpass the diversity prior to the great extinction.  With this in mind what name should this age be called?  Also as we move to the next age, what organisms will dominate the Earth both land and sea?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Innovators 6/7/8 January Nature Connection

The new year is upon us and the winter season is beginning to show its true colors.  The days are slowly beginning to get a little longer each day as the Earth begins its tilt towards the spring equinox.  Many of the organisms that we so often see in our backyards are now hidden and dormant during this period of the year.  However the birds and other furry animals are out and about looking for food whether it be nuts, seeds or berries.  The bleak color of the landscape allows the interesting plumage of the birds to show off and allows us to enjoy them even more now during this time of dormancy.  Enjoy each season for they all hold their unique gifts for all to treasure.


  • My Nature Notes pg 91 (2 a week for a total of 8)
  • Picture of the Month pg 93
  •  Warm-Blooded Winter Survival pg 94-95 (read to be informed
  • Cold-Blooded Winter Survival pg 96-97 (read to be informed)
  • Drawing What You See: Mammals pg 100-101
  • Snowflake Study (If and when it snows!) pg 102-103
  • 8th Grade Only!!!
  • Keep a Moon Journal pg 74-75
  • Star Gazing pg 82-83
  • Learn the Constellations pg 84-85

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Innovators/8 Physics Review Unit Assessment

Our study of Newtonian physics has finally reached an end.  The Laws of motion , gravity and energy conservation are some of the overarching topics that we have covered.  The need to now and go back to review and prepare for the assessment is at hand.  Recently you have been given a review guide to help prepare you for the assessment.  Use the playlist attached to help you also prepare for the exam.  It will consist of 12 "events" that will require you to observe and explain using the laws and equations that we have learned and practiced in class.  Study Hard!

Physics Review Playlist   

STEM/7 Pandemic Board Game Tutorial

Our Study of bacteria and virus has lead us to discover how these infectious agents can affect us as a species and how we can prevent our good friends from getting sick.  But what would happen if there was a world wide pandemic?  This has happened in the past and there has been terrible consequences for all those involved.  We now will look at how these pandemics can spread around the world and just how fast and deadly they can be by playing the board game entitled Pandemic.  Above is a tutorial on how to play the game.  Please watch the video and be ready to play and discuss how this game mimics a real Pandemic.